[AusNOG] Request: Contact for DEEWR in regards to IPv6 access to https://ecsn.gov.au/ Website

Karl Auer kauer at into6.com.au
Sun Mar 31 17:51:53 EST 2013

On Sun, 2013-03-31 at 13:00 +1100, Reuben Farrelly wrote:
> http://ecsn.gov.au/
> It works fine if you connect to https:// via IPv4, but not if it 
> resolves to the IPv6 address.

Has two addresses, as you say. The IPv6 address has no PTR record. The
IPv4 address has a PTR record that points to a name that has no forward
record: "idc4.deewr.gov.au". "www.ecsn.gov.au" is a CNAME for

Going to the address literals results in an SSL setup error (fair
enough). Going to the name but forcing one or the other protocol gets me
a 403 error (forbidden). Important point here is that there is an entity
answering HTTPS for both protocols.

So for me it doesn't work at all, i.e., it doesn't "work fine...via
IPv4" :-) However, if you have some sort of special cert, or are on some
whitelisted IPv4 address or whatever, it may work for you.

Certainly something to be taken up with the website administrator in the
first instance.

Regards, K.
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