[AusNOG] Straw poll: what is your email message size limit?

Paul Gear ausnog at libertysys.com.au
Wed Mar 27 11:03:26 EST 2013

On 03/27/2013 09:49 AM, Joshua D'Alton wrote:
> I asked SendGrid, they replied "we recommend limiting your total 
> message to 10 MB, to ensure delivery. larger size (up to 20MB) 
> possible but not guaranteed ^tf"
> So seems like 10MB is indeed a common one in the mailing industry 
> (well aside from the actual email providers like gmail msn etc), 
> although the poll suggests 25MB perhaps being the new one for 2013?

(Insert standard disclaimer about online polls)

  * self-selecting participants
  * I am not a statistician
  * possibly ambiguous question
  * non-numeric and ambiguous answers
  * variable conditions such as 8BITMIME
  * non-pedantic use of MB, Mb, mB, MiB, mb, meg, byte, and nibble (Have
    you thrown up in your mouth yet, Narelle? :-P )
  * etc.

I'm comfortable with my decision based on the results, but i don't 
recommend that you be. ;-)


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