[AusNOG] A new AusNOG mailing list for classifieds.

Joshua D'Alton joshua at railgun.com.au
Thu Mar 21 10:49:12 EST 2013

It makes no mention of jobs/hiring, once-off specials like eintelligos
juniper sale. Can you elaborate on those :-)

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On Mar 21, 2013 4:31 AM, "Terry Manderson" <terry at terrym.net> wrote:

> All,
> In a previous post I alluded to some discussions that were occurring
> amongst the Board of AusNOG given both the past and recent observations
> regarding the varied 'I want to sell' type posts to the AusNOG lists.
> We have come to a decision.
> A new mailing list has been created for AusNOG participants who are
> interested in posting classifieds.
> Please read the list charter carefully before you subscribe, and then read
> it again before your first post!!
> Charter:
> "This list is for the notification of any second-hand or surplus
> networking or data centre related hardware, components, or IPv4 address
> blocks that are for sale or trade. It can also be used for AusNOG
> participants to seek used hardware. The list is for network operators
> to post to, not vendors to advertise on. Further this is NOT a discussion
> list, all responses MUST be sent to the original poster, not this list.
> Failure to adhere to this will result in removal of posting rights or
> un-subscription."
> The list address is classifieds at ausnog.net, to subscribe to the list head
> to:
> http://lists.ausnog.net/mailman/listinfo/classifieds
> The subject prefix on posts is set to [AusNOG Classifieds].
> If you have any questions regarding this mailing list, please feel free to
> contact me directly.
> Now that this list exists, any future posts to the main AusNOG list
> regarding folks wanting to sell various hardware or IP address blocks will
> be responded to with a heavier hand.
> Cheers
> Terry (and the rest of the AusNOG Board)
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