[AusNOG] Cisco 7606 hardware advice.

William Co williamc at exetel.com.au
Wed Mar 20 16:18:19 EST 2013

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your generous imput, just would like to ask a few more questions:

1. We are running WS-F6724-DFC3CXL, when we the following problem when 
configuring same vlan on different interface.

interface GigabitEthernet1/1.10
  encapsulation dot1Q 10
  ip add

int GigabitEthernet1/2.10
  encapsulation dot1Q 10
*Command rejected: VLAN 10 not available*

I understand this is because the card itself is actually a LAN ethernet 

Would the ES+ cards solve this problem? Such as below:

interface GigabitEthernet1/1.10
  encapsulation dot1Q 10
  ip add

interface GigabitEthernet1/2.10
  encapsulation dot1Q 10
  ip add

2. Is there any limitation on how many dot1q sub-interfaces or VLANs on 
this card/platform?

3. Does it support CBWFQ on the dot1q sub-interface?

4. Does it support PPPoE under QinQ sub-interface? Such as below:

interface GigabitEthernet0/1.2503
  encapsulation dot1Q 2503 second-dot1q 1-4092
  pppoe enable group PPPoE-Group



Tony wrote:
> Hi Will,
> The last three can all be used for Optical Transport Network (OTN) and 
> have various features for this on the different models. If you're not 
> planning on doing any of that (which it doesn't sound like you are) 
> then you only need the base ES+ card which should do all of the things 
> you have listed.
> You should also know that there are two licenses for ES20+ cards, "IP 
> Base" & "IP Advanced". In theory you need the Advanced license to run 
> MPLS on the card. In practise this is based on the honour system at 
> this point and the license is not policed (but this could change in 
> future IOS releases).
> regards,
> Tony.
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>     Gday folks,
>     We are looking at getting a 20GE port 7600 ES+ Card. There are a
>     quite a few different models, we are not sure which one is the
>     right one. We will be using this card for Metro Ethernet
>     Termination, MPLS VPN, EoMPLS, QoS (Marking, CBWFQ), PPPoE,
>     possibly VPLS.
>     Would anyone please help me with the difference between the
>     following models? we are looking at all these models on the cisco
>     docs and can't get our head around the difference between them.
>     Cisco 7600 Series Ethernet Services Plus
>     Cisco 7600 Series Ethernet Services Plus Transport
>     Cisco 7600 Series Ethernet Services Plus XT
>     Cisco 7600 Series Ethernet Services Plus Extended Combination
>     Any help will be appreciated.
>     Cheers,
>     Will
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