[AusNOG] Cisco 7606 hardware advice.

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Hi Will,

The last three can all be used for Optical Transport Network (OTN) and have various features for this on the different models. If you're not planning on doing any of that (which it doesn't sound like you are) then you only need the base ES+ card which should do all of the things you have listed.

You should also know that there are two licenses for ES20+ cards, "IP Base" & "IP Advanced". In theory you need the Advanced license to run MPLS on the card. In practise this is based on the honour system at this point and the license is not policed (but this could change in future IOS releases).


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>Gday folks,
>We are looking at getting a 20GE port 7600 ES+ Card. There are a quite a few different models, we are not sure which one is the right one. We will be using this card for Metro Ethernet Termination, MPLS VPN, EoMPLS, QoS (Marking, CBWFQ), PPPoE, possibly VPLS.
>Would anyone please help me with the difference between the following models? we are looking at all these models on the cisco docs and can't get our head around the difference between them.
>Cisco 7600 Series Ethernet Services Plus
>Cisco 7600 Series Ethernet Services Plus Transport
>Cisco 7600 Series Ethernet Services Plus XT
>Cisco 7600 Series Ethernet Services Plus Extended Combination
>Any help will be appreciated.
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