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Thu Mar 14 15:56:43 EST 2013


I certainly read Lee Howard (in the article) as saying the cost of a CGN
provisioned IPv4 user moving to $70 per year.

I actually do think the cost will go upwards with size. A lot of network
devices scale inversely at the big end. For instance a firewall that easily
supports say a 500 users could be got for a maybe $1000. But to put in
firewall infrastructure to support 500 000 users I very much doubt you can
do it for a $1M - certainly if you want to get similar levels of
performance and availability. The operational costs can also be huge. Pure
silicon might follow Moore's Law but I'm not sure that operating a CGN
infrastructure falls into that pattern so easily.

My biggest beef with intransigence on IPv6 is that it will stymie the
rollout of the "Internet of Things" that is going to bring a generational
change in how we use technology.


Regards, Martin

MartinVisser99 at gmail.com

On 14 March 2013 06:45, Scott Howard <scott at doc.net.au> wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 8:03 PM, Kevin Karp <ausnog at pps.com.au> wrote:
>> $US40/CGNuser/year *in the short term* moving up to $US70/CGNuser/year
>> sounds like it would have some fairly dramatic effects on existing business
>> models - to me at least.
> Unless I'm mis-reading this, the "in the short term" is referring to the
> fact that this cost will come *down* over time, as CGN becomes more
> common/mainstream.  There's no reason that the per-user cost of CGN should
> go up significantly over time, with the exception of the cost of the IP
> address to allocate to it - but even that cost is diluted due to it being
> shared over multiple users.
> At no point does the article mention "moving up to $US70/CGNuser/year".
> You are completely mis-representing that.
>   Scott.
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