[AusNOG] IPv6: Where's my tunnel?

Bill Walker bill at wjw.co.nz
Fri Mar 8 22:08:55 EST 2013


They only install the cards once an order has been placed, took 2
weeks for them to install one for me, I was the first in the cabinet.

On Fri, 08 Mar 2013 13:33:04 +1300, Don Gould wrote: 

> On 8/03/2013
3:57 a.m., Bill Walker wrote:
>> I see you are just outside the VDSL
coverage area too.
> Actually Bill if you look very closely at the
tool you'll see I could 
> get VDSL dropped just next door... according
to the tool.
> Now I'm sure everyone on list is thinking "Well if
such a tool as Don 
> can get a drop next door... ya!"
> In fact the
tool is wrong. Talking to the local cabinet techs, there 
> aren't any
VDSL2 cards in the cabinets at all.
> Mark - "chip Don, chip" ;)

>> There are other solutions to this, if you have a business grade
service with Telstra start asking them about getting an IPv6 tunnel with
them. They do have that capability, but it has no service gaurantes and
you will have to push to get it.
> I don't have a business grade
> 22 emails asking about access to the fibre running down
the street and 
> eventually I found out that there is no fibre running
there at all. 
> Again, same tool as above is just not correct, but this
time a different 
> tech who just looked up above his head and declared
"no mate, there's no 
> trunk fibre in that at all".
> Mark - "chip
Don, chip" ;)
> Last time I looked they also did not have a 100mbit
HFC offering in the 
> business space and only offered me a 7Mbit VDSL
service off a VDSL DSLAM 
> that I also know is NOT in the cabinet at
the end of the street.
> 22 emails.... 22... I have to say the guys
from team.Telstra.com.au 
> where very helpful, very polite and then
sold the company to Vodafone 12 
> months after I rang - thanks guys...
not sure if that's helpful yet.
> D

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