[AusNOG] IPv6: Where's my tunnel?

Don Gould don at bowenvale.co.nz
Fri Mar 8 11:33:04 EST 2013

On 8/03/2013 3:57 a.m., Bill Walker wrote:
> I see you are just outside the VDSL coverage area too.

Actually Bill if you look very closely at the tool you'll see I could 
get VDSL dropped just next door... according to the tool.

Now I'm sure everyone on list is thinking "Well if such a tool as Don 
can get a drop next door... ya!"

In fact the tool is wrong.  Talking to the local cabinet techs, there 
aren't any VDSL2 cards in the cabinets at all.

Mark - "chip Don, chip" ;)

> There are other solutions to this, if you have a business grade service
> with Telstra start asking them about getting an IPv6 tunnel with them.
> They do have that capability, but it has no service gaurantes and you
> will have to push to get it.

I don't have a business grade service.

22 emails asking about access to the fibre running down the street and 
eventually I found out that there is no fibre running there at all. 
Again, same tool as above is just not correct, but this time a different 
tech who just looked up above his head and declared "no mate, there's no 
trunk fibre in that at all".

Mark - "chip Don, chip" ;)

Last time I looked they also did not have a 100mbit HFC offering in the 
business space and only offered me a 7Mbit VDSL service off a VDSL DSLAM 
that I also know is NOT in the cabinet at the end of the street.

22 emails.... 22...  I have to say the guys from team.Telstra.com.au 
where very helpful, very polite and then sold the company to Vodafone 12 
months after I rang - thanks guys... not sure if that's helpful yet.


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