[AusNOG] IPv6: Who's dual stacked? Why don't I look stacked?

Paul Gear ausnog at libertysys.com.au
Fri Mar 8 11:11:59 EST 2013

On 03/08/2013 07:36 AM, Don Gould wrote:
> ...
> I'm thinking I should just start a Whirlpool thread on this one rather 
> than clutter up the list with individual operational list issues like 
> this.

Good point from Don.

I also allowed Mark Newton's criticism to spur me into action and turned 
up IPv6 on my firewall.

I also don't want to clutter the AusNOG list with my questions, and have 
used #ausnog on IRC for some bits & pieces of testing, but is there a 
better place to be discussing this?  Whirlpool strikes me as not the 
best choice (surely as IT professionals we deserve better :-P ), but 
where's a good place for experienced IPv4 people to ask newbie IPv6 


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