[AusNOG] IPv6 - What Should an Engineer Address when 'Selling' IPv6 to Executives?

Julien Goodwin ausnog at studio442.com.au
Thu Mar 7 01:17:13 EST 2013

On 06/03/13 15:48, Peter Tiggerdine wrote:
> I suspect the challenges most face is Change Advisory Boards or
> managerial oversight on configuration changes. This means you're going
> to have to justify the changes (IPv6 ones) made and hence the selling it
> to C-level IT people so these changes aren't dismissed out of hand and
> supported. Then there's the risks that we understand and CAB's don't.

Why? I'm not aware of any CAB like thing that rises much above
in-the-trenches engineers that actually have any idea what they're

Put it in the queue with the correct cover sheet and it'll probably get
approved, even if the change is to demolish the building, something
actually done by $FRIEND at $SEMI-GOVERNMENT-AGENCY to prove a point,
then he had to figure out how to not carry out a change (without
explaining what the change was) which turned out to be much harder.

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