[AusNOG] IPv6 Training

Tim Warnock timoid at timoid.org
Wed Mar 6 15:46:23 EST 2013

> Skeeve beat me to it in offering ISOC-AU to assist, which I completely
> endorse and support. We'll take the details off list - but I'd  like to see some
> attention paid to having all that good material available beyond the single
> day.
> ISOC-AU  runs ipv6.org.au as an information resource site on IPv6 - we could
> archive/host all the presentations, code snippets, router config snippets,
> BRAS config snippets that people might want to contribute to help others
> out.
> I'd really like to see those that have gone down this path write up some
> 'heres how we did it with X equipment' so that those that are also running
> the same gear can get a bit of a head start. With snippets from configs,
> obviously with confidential stuff edited out.
> To keep the momentum up while we wait for the training sessions, I'd like to
> help ensure people keep beavering away before the training.
> I'm also thinking of putting up a prize for the second retail ISP to deliver IPv6
> to all customers by default (after Internode). Especially over Wholesale DSL
> ports. Bonus kudos if its done before the training sessions.
> More on this later.
> Paul.

You mean something like this:


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