[AusNOG] IPv4

Paul Brooks pbrooks-ausnog at layer10.com.au
Tue Mar 5 13:13:45 EST 2013

On 5/03/2013 7:52 AM, Zone Networks - Joel wrote:
> No need to do any audit... like Bevan suggested, increase the pricing for ipv4 to $1/year and watch it being returned.
> And to make it more fair, only for members that got allocation before the last /8 kicked in
> And even if the ipv4 doesn’t get returned APNIC etc will have some extra $$ to promote and push ipv6
> It really comes down to pushing people onto ipv6 ASAP, and currently they is no APNIC etc policy that is pushing org's into ipv6 (not that I know of)

FFS - You guys really don't get it, do you.

What more policy could APNIC possibly do than make IPv6 addresses essentially free???

There is no 'moving off' and returning IPv4 once you have deployed IPv6.
Your customers need BOTH IPv6 and IPv4 in order to talk to the rest of the planet -
IPv6 to talk to those IPv6-enabled sites 'out here' who have made the enlightened
and IPv4 so they can remain talking to the rest of the planet that hasn't yet made the

Realistically, only when <10% of the rest of the planet remains IPv4-only will you be
able to switch off IPv4 - and by that time, in several decades nobody will want to buy
the address blocks either.
Your timetable for 'moving off' IPv4 is not set by you - it is set by the rest of the
The timetable for the rest of the planet to also be able to move off IPv4 is set, by a
small but measurable amount, by YOUR rapid deployment of IPv6 dual-stacked, to reduce
their reliance on the old dying system to be able to communicate with your content or
your customers.
...and of course your commercial need to make sure your customers don't leave for the
other guy because they have IPv6 and better performance and  wider access to eyeballs
or content than they can get through your increasingly walled-garden  IPv4-only service.


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