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Awesome Craig...


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On Sun, Mar 3, 2013 at 11:03 PM, Craig Askings <craig at askings.com.au> wrote:

> On 3/03/2013 5:44 PM, Skeeve Stevens wrote:
>> IPv4 is dead.  People need to get over it and move to IPv6... it is the
>> only way that IPv6 won't be more valuable than gold in the next couple of
>> years.  Even if we did all start to move ASAP, it is going to take 4-7
>> years to see IPv4 almost gone.  Some say it will be around for a long
>> time... but once v6 takes hold, and we reach hump point... then ISPs will
>> start to be able to switch off v4, which will make those with content on v4
>> move very quickly.... and the speed of v4 decline will be VERY rapid.
> +1
> Since I've got dual stack at home and on my hosted server, I decided to
> experiment with installing and running a production server that has never
> had an ipv4 (aside from address configured on it. So far it's
> been great, the only limitation has been accessing it while on 3G. But
> there are work arounds for that (ssl vpn + cisco asa), we are at a stage
> were you could consider running internal business servers as ipv6 only.
> Install: standard debian 7 installer iso + ipv6 address allocated via SLAAC
> OS updates: mirror.aarnet.edu.au is on ipv6
> Hosted software: Confluence
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