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Craig Askings craig at askings.com.au
Sun Mar 3 23:03:06 EST 2013

On 3/03/2013 5:44 PM, Skeeve Stevens wrote:
> IPv4 is dead.  People need to get over it and move to IPv6... it is 
> the only way that IPv6 won't be more valuable than gold in the next 
> couple of years.  Even if we did all start to move ASAP, it is going 
> to take 4-7 years to see IPv4 almost gone.  Some say it will be around 
> for a long time... but once v6 takes hold, and we reach hump point... 
> then ISPs will start to be able to switch off v4, which will make 
> those with content on v4 move very quickly.... and the speed of v4 
> decline will be VERY rapid.


Since I've got dual stack at home and on my hosted server, I decided to 
experiment with installing and running a production server that has 
never had an ipv4 (aside from address configured on it. So 
far it's been great, the only limitation has been accessing it while on 
3G. But there are work arounds for that (ssl vpn + cisco asa), we are at 
a stage were you could consider running internal business servers as 
ipv6 only.

Install: standard debian 7 installer iso + ipv6 address allocated via SLAAC
OS updates: mirror.aarnet.edu.au is on ipv6
Hosted software: Confluence

Craig Askings

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