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Paul Gear ausnog at libertysys.com.au
Sun Mar 3 18:14:12 EST 2013

I just sent a message privately to James about this very topic, but now 
that it has been brought up, perhaps it's worth sharing with the list:


Something that don't understand is: why isn't there a larger price 
difference (from APNIC's perspective) between IPv4 and IPv6, and why 
isn't there a larger price difference between developing and developed 

I would have thought that if IPv6 adoption is an economic problem, part 
of the answer would be to dramatically lower cost barriers to entry for 
IPv6.  I run a single-person small business, and i would love to be IPv6 
enabled, but because i'm multi-homed through two consumer-grade ISPs, i 
can't do IPv6 without getting my own allocation.  The minimum price to 
spend with APNIC is $1,180 per year to get this (disregarding membership 
fees for the time being), and that gets me anything up to a /34.  Cost 
from there climbs rather rapidly, with /33 = $1,534 and /32 = $1,994.  
But even the minimum is more than i pay for my entire year's Internet 
access from my primary ISP.

If the minimum of $1,180 were eliminated and one followed the IPv6 
pricing down the chain to /48, the costs would represent pretty minimal 
barriers to entry for smaller organisations:

*Prefix* 	*/56 blocks* 	*Cost*
32 	16777216 	$1,994.20
33 	8388608 	$1,534.00
34 	4194304 	$1,180.00
35 	2097152 	$907.69
36 	1048576 	$698.22
37 	524288 	$537.10
38 	262144 	$413.15
39 	131072 	$317.81
40 	65536 	$244.47
41 	32768 	$188.05
42 	16384 	$144.66
43 	8192 	$111.27
44 	4096 	$85.60
45 	2048 	$65.84
46 	1024 	$50.65
47 	512 	$38.96
48 	256 	$29.97

The other thing i think would help in relation to this would be 
eliminating (or dramatically reducing) the associate membership fee for 
IPv6-only allocations.  This would put usable IPv6 allocations within 
the reach of any organisation in any of the economies that APNIC serves.

I don't know where the appropriate place to raise this issue is, but i 
would really like to see it considered.


On 03/03/2013 04:47 PM, Don Gould wrote:
> You missed my point.  Sorry clearly I wrote it badly.
> I'm not an APNIC member.  I just want to have a play to grow my learning.
> In the past we all just used to help each other out and stuff just 
> 'got done'.
> To me, this whole debate is just a joke.  I remember when 'we' used to 
> be the tight internet community raging against the 'telco PSTN' 
> community, forging into new ideas, just making stuff happen.
> As we've grown up it feels like we've lost our youthful spirit of 
> community and just making stuff happen.  We seem to have become the 
> monster we all used to hate on.
> Sure, I can email helpdesk at apnic....  but I'm quite sure I'll get 
> refered to some member ship forms and have to go find myself $3,000 
> before I can play.
> Spence's point was that you could just email some dude called Geoff... 
> he was everyone's mate, that guy who shows up at the meetings, seems 
> to know his stuff, writes an interesting blog and hung around one of 
> the uni's that some of us went to.
> Now it's some faceless, nameless email address with no personality, no 
> love, no sense of 'if ya willing to step up to ask and give it a go 
> then we'll give you some resource to support you'.
> ...wonder if I better explained my thoughts?
> D
> On 3/03/2013 7:34 p.m., Jeremy Visser wrote:
>> On 03/03/13 17:18, Don Gould wrote:
>>> With respect to APNIC, has James highlighted and problem in the world
>>> we're now living?
>>> Who do I 'just email' to get a v6 block that I can announce?
>> helpdesk at apnic.net
>> There is probably a more specific way to request a v6 block, but the
>> helpdesk will point you in the right direction. It's what they get paid
>> to do. :-)
>> At my work, we have a /21 of IPv4 allocated to us. Because a /21 of IPv4
>> costs more than a /32 of IPv6, we don't pay anything extra for our IPv6
>> space.
>> Thus made it very easy to justify playing with IPv6 to the boss. :-)

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