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Don Gould don at bowenvale.co.nz
Sun Mar 3 17:47:26 EST 2013

You missed my point.  Sorry clearly I wrote it badly.

I'm not an APNIC member.  I just want to have a play to grow my learning.

In the past we all just used to help each other out and stuff just 'got 

To me, this whole debate is just a joke.  I remember when 'we' used to 
be the tight internet community raging against the 'telco PSTN' 
community, forging into new ideas, just making stuff happen.

As we've grown up it feels like we've lost our youthful spirit of 
community and just making stuff happen.  We seem to have become the 
monster we all used to hate on.

Sure, I can email helpdesk at apnic....  but I'm quite sure I'll get 
refered to some member ship forms and have to go find myself $3,000 
before I can play.

Spence's point was that you could just email some dude called Geoff... 
he was everyone's mate, that guy who shows up at the meetings, seems to 
know his stuff, writes an interesting blog and hung around one of the 
uni's that some of us went to.

Now it's some faceless, nameless email address with no personality, no 
love, no sense of 'if ya willing to step up to ask and give it a go then 
we'll give you some resource to support you'.

...wonder if I better explained my thoughts?


On 3/03/2013 7:34 p.m., Jeremy Visser wrote:
> On 03/03/13 17:18, Don Gould wrote:
>> With respect to APNIC, has James highlighted and problem in the world
>> we're now living?
>> Who do I 'just email' to get a v6 block that I can announce?
> helpdesk at apnic.net
> There is probably a more specific way to request a v6 block, but the
> helpdesk will point you in the right direction. It's what they get paid
> to do. :-)
> At my work, we have a /21 of IPv4 allocated to us. Because a /21 of IPv4
> costs more than a /32 of IPv6, we don't pay anything extra for our IPv6
> space.
> Thus made it very easy to justify playing with IPv6 to the boss. :-)
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