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On 2/03/13 12:47 PM, "Mark Smith" <markzzzsmith at yahoo.com.au<mailto:markzzzsmith at yahoo.com.au>> wrote:

You either didn't read the rest of the post or seem to be interested in
taking that sentence out of context when the rest of the post indicates
all the pros and cons for a small business to accelerate investment in
IPv6 (or not accelerating it beyond what's in the project plan).

Actually, it is completely in context.

No it's not.  You and others are simply ignoring much of what he is saying
because it doesn't support your argument.  You and others are playing the
man and not the ball.

And the argument that "if you don't like it then attend all the meetings
and get on the APNIC Board" which gets rolled out every time people
complain about APNIC and other registries poor resource management is
tiring.  Sorry Skeeve, you know I love you man :)  I might not like
something in Government, but I should not have to become a member of
Parliament to have my opinions considered and heard.  The people on the
APNIC Board are supposed to be *our* representatives.

The current membership and administration of APNIC/other registries is
inefficient and provides no incentive for those that have address space
not in use move to IPv6.  It's a "IPv4 all gone the cupboards are bare"
approach which is not responsible resource management, its one-time

So here's a crazy thought.  It's out there, but why doesn't APNIC make
membership a flat fee of say $1,000 for your IPv6 address space and a
variable component of say $1/year for each IPv4 address space?  All the
money made on the IPv4 space is put towards promotion of IPv6.  If you
have 500,000 IPv4 addresses you pay $501,000 per year and APNIC has
$500,000 to put towards IPv6 migration promotion/management.  A /8 would
provide $16m in funding to promote IPv6 each year and I bet people would
not be applying for space they don't need - in fact they would be handing
it back.  The more people use IPv4, the more you have for IPv6 promotion.
The less people use IPv4 (migration) the less they have to spend on IPv6
promotion.  Once you've migrated over your annual fee is $1,000 as you
only use IPv6.

Different thinking and probably too brave.  Best to let the train crash
into the wall and point fingers after the fact.


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