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I think everyone should back off Jared for a minute. Because frankly I agree with him and he cares because it affects him.  IMHO APNIC as well as the other registries have failed and continue to fail in efficiently managing the address space.

Half price membership is commendable.  And as to your suggestions that Jared should put some resolutions forward by APNIC?  Frankly it has zero chance in hell because it would have a negative impact on those that have the space (90% of APNIC transferable members) today.


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As I said Jared, you are welcome to come to the meeting, but that isn't how things work.

And what exactly are you suggesting? Raising costs again?  The only thing that happened here was the barrier was lowered... from $4k to $2.5k... and this really makes bugger all difference in this country.

The process is that you should get your '30 ISPs' to join APNIC SIG Policy mailing list, and then TALK to the other people representing some 3 billion people in our region, and see what they think, and that if your opinion in the grand scheme of things really matters to them.

I for one, got off my ass... and while I am not in Singapore right now, I have been to every meeting around the region for the past 4 years.  It is why I have submitted policy, and why I ran for Co-Chair of the APNIC Policy Committee.  It is WHY James was chair of SIG Policy and why he is on the Executive Council of APNIC now.

BECAUSE WE CARED... years ago, when, to be frank about it, most Australians were sitting on their ass doing bugger all.

I am sorry, but I don't give a crap about people who do nothing, then whinge when they don't like what has happened without them.... when at any time they could have got involved in the process.  This is not just from a person level, but company and government/country level as well.

If you really want to be involved.. GET involved. Get on the lists, talk to people who have been involved for years, and perhaps get some policy drafted and try to make a difference.  But also listen to those who have spent years involved in the Internet Governance community and understand that it is about the region, not just any particular country, company or person.


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