[AusNOG] Juniper vs Cisco vs Brocade - what's best for BGP routing?

Matt Perkins matt at spectrum.com.au
Wed Dec 11 17:54:02 EST 2013

We have been testing a cloudcore in the sadbox for 4~5  months now. <6.5 
was really bad but above seem stable and quite good. Throughput it as 
Still have not had enough balls to put them into anything to mission 
critical. But I dont think the day to far away. I have one of the 10gig 
model's under my desk here that I still have not cracked out of the box. 
Of for more time.


On 11/12/13 5:49 PM, Joseph Goldman wrote:
> I did reply with this off-list, but think it's worth putting on list 
> with the requirements posted. This will go against a lot of people's 
> recommendations but for a budget, Mikrotiks latest routers seem to be 
> a good option given the size of your network.
> For that size, deploying multiple routers in a fail over mode capable 
> of many gigabit of bandwidth should be achievable within $5k. We are 
> seeing good results with the smaller units in <100mbit sites, and we 
> are going to deploy into a 300mbit site soon that has multiple peering 
> route tables plus a full route table from transit provider.
> I will probably be blasted by others on list but oh well
> Andrew White <admin at uberskilled.com> wrote:
>     Hey guys,
>     Wow, thanks for all the replies - both on and off list. There's
>     some fantastic ones here and some great information.
>     To answer some of the questions:
>     My budget is somewhere in the $5-15k range. I can go higher, but
>     I'm not super comfortable doing so unless there's a good ROI
>     reason to do so. Obviously bang for buck is important, as I'm not
>     a huge business.
>     In house support is a good point. I do have a CCNA and have a
>     reasonable network topology and interconnectivity understanding -
>     I'd imagine anything (as long as it has documentation) I can learn
>     and support over time.
>     Throughput is only about 150mbit bursing to 200mbit currently, but
>     expansion is definitely planned and future proofing is wanted.
>     I'm not sure about picking how many interfaces I need. I guess a
>     couple for upstream, a couple for future upstreams, and maybe 4-6
>     for back into the network (for future proofing, I have 2 internal
>     core routers currently).
>     There's been a few suggestions of a physical Linux box or Linux
>     VM. What would be the advantages/disadvantages of this compared to
>     routing hardware?
>     Thanks guys, I really appreciate the great responses!
>     Andrew
>     On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 4:46 PM, Andrew White
>     <admin at uberskilled.com <mailto:admin at uberskilled.com>> wrote:
>         Hey guys,
>         I've recently set up my own AS and I'm looking at broadcasting
>         my own BGP. I'm wanting to find some decent hardware at a
>         reasonable price to do so.
>         The same router will also run my servers (about 50 VMs/3
>         physical boxes) and have to deal with multiple upstream
>         providers (two currently, but more to come at my DC).
>         I also want something that can hold a big BGP routing table.
>         When I was first getting into networking, Cisco was "the big
>         thing". Now I look at the market and Junipers seem really
>         common for the cheaper end of the market. I've seen Brocades
>         too - I think they may be out of my price range, but I'm not
>         sure if they're worth the money or if there's a huge benefit.
>         I've been tossing up over a few Huawei models which are
>         really, really cheap!
>         I don't know a ton about the hardware side of things and I'm
>         sure there are others on the list with a similar level of
>         knowledge to me. I'm happy for any vendor contacts, and I'm
>         sure replies on list would be appreciated for other people to
>         learn about this too!
>         Thanks guys!
>         Andrew
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