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G'day Chris,

Thanks for posting this again. Hopefully I add some insight.

2. WIKI / Knowledgebase - what software? Good Call, I've used confluence at
a couple of companies and it works really well.
3. Helpdesk - what software? Helpspot (www.helpspot.com), I've used this at
a couple of companies and I cant talk about it enough. Great piece of
software, having come from RT. One company had about 15 Support staff
around the world and it worked flawlessly. Just a heads up though you need
an SSD for the MySQL DB as it stores attachments in the DB (Good and Bad

What ever you do, don't use desk.com!

7. Accounting - what software? I'm assuming here that this is for internal
accounting, not a billing engine. I'd go for xero (xero.com). Another
greatpiece of software.


On 15 August 2013 09:01, Chris Macko <cmacko at intervolve.com.au> wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> Just a reminder, on the 23rd of July I requested you (as industry members)
> respond to particular software items that you and your business personally
> business uses. I had provided an offer of a $100 gift voucher for either
> Myer or David Jones if we make alterations and select an alternate software
> product that is not already in use.
> For those responses that answered Atlassian Confluence for
> WIKI/Knowledgebase or otherwise Nuage Software / RecruitPack for HR
> Applicant Profiling, you will be receiving your gift voucher prior to
> Christmas, I will be in touch personally to request your address for
> postage. Unfortunately, we received a very low number of responses via
> AUSNOG (7 in total) and at this stage, unless we receive more responses,
> I'll be sending out the gift vouchers to all these 7 respondants.
> I am approaching you in good faith to use your systems and software as a
> guide for our technical managers as we plan out continuous improvement
> items within our business as part of a continued expansion strategy and
> keep open our previous offer, as a reward for your time in sharing your
> business systems. As industry members, we do value your input and would ask
> that you respond to what your business uses for software provision for the
> following areas;
> 1. HR Applicant Profiling / Benchmarking / Reporting - what software /
> company? (we have used NuageSoftware RecruitPack, no further gift vouchers
> on this item)
> 2. WIKI / Knowledgebase - what software? (we have chosen to move to
> Atlassian Confluence, thanks to Gliffy plugin, no further gift vouchers on
> this item)
> 3. Helpdesk - what software?
> 4. CRM / CMDB - what software?
> 5. Bandwidth monitoring - Netflow / SNMP - what software?
> 6. SIP termination - what companies / providers?
> 7. Accounting - what software?
> If you'd be comfortable in sharing any experiences you have in your past
> in any above areas (including past employment or business enterprise),
> including any positive/negative feedback, it would be appreciated and
> greatly assist me in our review.
> As a thank you, if we do make any alterations to our business systems and
> select a software product you have responded with in replacing our existing
> system platform, I'll send out up to the first 20 such responses a $100
> gift voucher for either Myer or David Jones, in time for Christmas.
> If you haven't responded as yet, please do so now, so that we can use your
> feedback in selection and improvement. Have a wonderful day.
> Kind Regards,
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