[AusNOG] Software / System - What do you use?

Chris Macko cmacko at intervolve.com.au
Thu Aug 15 09:01:28 EST 2013

Hi Guys,

Just a reminder, on the 23rd of July I requested you (as industry members) respond to particular software items that you and your business personally business uses. I had provided an offer of a $100 gift voucher for either Myer or David Jones if we make alterations and select an alternate software product that is not already in use. 

For those responses that answered Atlassian Confluence for WIKI/Knowledgebase or otherwise Nuage Software / RecruitPack for HR Applicant Profiling, you will be receiving your gift voucher prior to Christmas, I will be in touch personally to request your address for postage. Unfortunately, we received a very low number of responses via AUSNOG (7 in total) and at this stage, unless we receive more responses, I'll be sending out the gift vouchers to all these 7 respondants.

I am approaching you in good faith to use your systems and software as a guide for our technical managers as we plan out continuous improvement items within our business as part of a continued expansion strategy and keep open our previous offer, as a reward for your time in sharing your business systems. As industry members, we do value your input and would ask that you respond to what your business uses for software provision for the following areas; 

1. HR Applicant Profiling / Benchmarking / Reporting - what software / company? (we have used NuageSoftware RecruitPack, no further gift vouchers on this item)
2. WIKI / Knowledgebase - what software? (we have chosen to move to Atlassian Confluence, thanks to Gliffy plugin, no further gift vouchers on this item)
3. Helpdesk - what software? 
4. CRM / CMDB - what software? 
5. Bandwidth monitoring - Netflow / SNMP - what software? 
6. SIP termination - what companies / providers? 
7. Accounting - what software? 

If you'd be comfortable in sharing any experiences you have in your past in any above areas (including past employment or business enterprise), including any positive/negative feedback, it would be appreciated and greatly assist me in our review.

As a thank you, if we do make any alterations to our business systems and select a software product you have responded with in replacing our existing system platform, I'll send out up to the first 20 such responses a $100 gift voucher for either Myer or David Jones, in time for Christmas.

If you haven't responded as yet, please do so now, so that we can use your feedback in selection and improvement. Have a wonderful day. 

Kind Regards,

Chris Macko
Managing Director
Interhost Pacific Pty Ltd t/a Intervolve 

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