[AusNOG] UK ISP's told to block P2P

Nicholas Meredith nicholas at udhaonline.net
Wed May 2 12:42:11 EST 2012

It's even stupider than past cases, as I see it now it's even more
perplexing; court rulings I read about for British Telecom placed them, BT
(the ISP), as responsible for wearing all costs of implementing a (likely
flawed) site blocking solution; all to protect somebody else's copyright.
 Surely it is the copyright holder's responsibility to enforce their
rights, not innocent 3rd parties.  Next I suppose we will see TV stations
and content creators outright billing device manufacturers of Free-to-air
HDTV receivers, because viewers might have recorded transmissions using


On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 12:35 PM, Mark Newton <newton at atdot.dotat.org> wrote:

> On Wed, May 02, 2012 at 12:07:22PM +1000, Nicholas Meredith wrote:
>  > I really don't understand how a directory service can be held
> responsible
>  > for the bad actions of one or more of it's listings.  It's just a phone
>  > book for torrents, both good and bad, what nonsense.
> It isn't even that anymore.
> Protocols morph in response to threats.
> Napster was attacked, which begat Gnutella.
> Gnutella was attacked, which begat eDonkey.
> eDonkey was attacked, which begat Kazaa.
> Kazaa was attacked, which begat BitTorrent.
> BitTorrent was attacked by DPI, which begat encrypted bittorrent, DHT,
> BT-over-IPv6, and various other variations to the protocol which are
> too numerous to mention.
> Updated BitTorrent was attacked through legal means, which begat
> BitTorrent "magnets" to eliminate centralized trackers altogether.
> As of right now, we can all download our own copies of the entire
> TPB site onto a USB stick and run our own local mirrors.
> 20th Century Fox, owners of Star Wars, appear to have never
> heard of, "Strike me down, you will only make me stronger."
> Disney, owners of Fantasia, appear to have never watched the
> scene where Mickey Mouse attacks mops with an axe.
> In aggregate, they've all spent hundreds of millions of dollars to
> test and strengthen p2p distribution networks, which now have a
> magnificently effective immune system against the attacks they've
> had to face.
> Doesn't sound to me like it's working out very well for them.
>  - mark
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