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J.S. Sodhi jssodhi at akcgroup.com
Thu Feb 23 18:53:34 EST 2012

Dear APNIC Member,

APNIC is an Asia Pacific body actively involved in development of Internet Infrastructure throughout the region. I have been nominated as candidate in the forthcoming election for APNIC Executive Council. (http://meetings.apnic.net/33/elections#nominees)
I have 20 years of professional experience at cross functional arenas including IT Management, LAN/WAN Management, Systems set-up, Technology Administration, Consolidation, Standardization and IT Project Management. I am Doctorate in Information Security and voluntary served as member of various National & International reputed Bodies. I lead the team to successfully execute various Projects and won laurels & awards and recognition at National & International level.  I am keen to voluntary contribute as APNIC EC Member during present challenge time of IPv4 exhaustion and Internet Governance. I strongly feel that my experience on Business Process Design and Solution, IT Strategies, IT Polices and Monitoring process will definitely contribute in achieving aims & objectives of APNIC and help IPv6 adoption project.
Kindly Vote/advise your Corporate Contact to Vote for APNIC EC in my favour . Authorized Corporate contact can vote online using MyAPNIC account<https://myapnic.net/AMITY-IN/voting/cast.html?category=ec> between 15th Feb.2012 to 29th Feb.,2012. There are 4 nominations for 3 positions of EC. Since, top 3 Vote positions will win, it will be better, if Corporate Contact Votes only in my favour with the maximum number of your allowed votes.

Warm regards.

Dr. JS Sodhi

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