[AusNOG] Personal ADSL issue - cluestick appreciated.

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Have you tried dropping the MTU?

On Aug 4, 2012 5:37 PM, "David Walker" <davidianwalker at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi.
> A company I work for recently changed hands and subsequently ISP to Optus.
> I have a bridged modem with a whitebox gateway which had worked
> flawlessly; certainly the web.
> After the change to Optus I swapped out the relevant details - static
> IP, DNS servers and so on.
> Everything appeared to work - I can access most of the web in a
> browser - but some significant portions are missing.
> For instance, ato.gov.au is fine but humanservices.gov.au never loads
> ... bbc.co.uk works great but whirlpool.net.au doesn't appear ...
> mozilla.org is fine but microsoft.com is a no show.
> I've had a look at resolving on the internal machines and it seems fine.
> For instance, here's netstat after I type whirlpool.net.au in a
> browser on a Windows client:
> netstat -a
> Active Connections
>   Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State
>   TCP    local:1031             171-171-53-117.rev.bulletproof.net:http
> netstat -a -n
> Active Connections
>   Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State
> I can ping domains by name and so on - it looks like a HTTP issue.
> Here's the kicker, if I bypass the bridged modem and OpenBSD gateway
> using an Optus supplied modem ... the entire web appears to work as
> expected.
> Sorry for the long winded explanation.
> The issue is probably very obvious to someone and I'd love to hear about
> it. :]
> I've tried a bunch of stuff but it's a bit hard to get downtime to check
> stuff.
> Obviously off list replies are great.
> Best wishes.
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