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Adam Gardner Adam.Gardner at vocus.com.au
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We found a similar result when we trialled a similar scheme in Perth some time ago.

For colocation however, I would suggest that by its nature, choosing a sustainable site and caring about your bottom line are one and the same.

That is, for example a site with a PUE of 1.6 would be expected to have lower costs than a legacy site with a PUE of 2.5. It also would be definition be using a lower level of resources to produce the same output.

Obviously many factors relate to this statement, but it would hold true if any commercial realities are ignored.


Adam Gardner

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We started offering carbon credits as a bolt on for all services back in 2008 since then the grand number of customers accepting this tick box.

1 customer
1 service

Seems most care about the bottom line not the planet.


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