[AusNOG] M2 buy Primus

Damien Gardner Jnr rendrag at rendrag.net
Tue Apr 17 12:45:48 EST 2012

On 16/04/2012 2:59 PM, Rod Veith wrote:
> Universal Enum - yes please I'll have one, though on second thoughts why
> limit it to 1 - make it 3, of those.
> Though as likely to happen as the Australia card
You mean the Medicare Card? ;)

> How about electronic voting from home for
> Federal and state elections?
I did that last election, works GREAT!  Was only available to 'disabled' 
voters, as a trial (although most ubernerds fit into the govt definition 
of disabled).. Will be interesting to see the uptake when it goes 
mainstream :)

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