[AusNOG] M2 buy Primus

Rod Veith rod at rb.net.au
Mon Apr 16 14:59:43 EST 2012

Universal Enum - yes please I'll have one, though on second thoughts why
limit it to 1 - make it 3, of those.

Though as likely to happen as the Australia card or a personal electronic
signature recognised by everyone. How about electronic voting from home for
Federal and state elections?

Might happen in my lifetime but not betting on it.


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On 16/04/2012 2:01 PM, Mark Delany wrote:
>>>> Also interesting
>>>> today: 
>>>> http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-04-16/vodafone-to-offer-fixed-line-
>>>> services/3952846
>>>> Vodafone going to do fixed line in AU.  Suspect times will never be 
>>>> uninteresting in Australian telecommunications.
>>> Been wondering when they would get around to doing this - since 
>>> Vodafone NZ bought ihug (from iiNet) in late 2006, and several other 
>>> countries globally where Voda does fixed-line as well as mobile for
almost a decade.
> As a term, "fixed-line" seems as quaint as rotary dial; but maybe 
> that's merely press-friendly lingo.
> In any event, will there be much money in "fixed-line" in years to 
> come? If the NBN continues to roll, won't must in-country calls 
> devolve to P2P SIP?

Who said anything about calls? 'fixed-line' encompasses broadband services
and everything else that can be delivered over a cabled connection, in the
same way that Voda (and the others) currently delivers broadband data, VPN,
messaging etc as well as voice telephone calls over the mobile
Unless you subscribe to the David Chalke model of
there will still be money in fixed-line services, including delivered over a
NBN fixed line, for many years to come.

As for P2P SIP - no, not until we get universal ENUM or similar. Your phone
handset still wants to dial a phone number, not an IP address - again, for
many years to come.


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