[AusNOG] Preparing 100s of routers for resale

Glen Turner gdt at gdt.id.au
Fri Apr 13 09:57:05 EST 2012

Tom wrote:
> ... sell it without a card (or buy generic blank CF cards to insert).

Compact flash for routers is sometimes read in PIO mode (rather than DMA
mode) by the router software. In these cases using a generic fast CF
card you can temporarily lock up router, as the router never has a gap
between the PIO interrupts from flash I/O [ie: you copy a big file and
all of your keepalive-dependent (OAM, BFD, etc) neighbours go down; and
this is why you can't use just any CF card in the internal CF slot of a
Juniper M-series)]

So if it does fit your threat analysis, then please provide the original

Cheers, Glen

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