[AusNOG] Network Operators Unite Against SORBS

Michelle Sullivan matthew at sorbs.net
Wed Oct 13 18:59:22 EST 2010

Noel Butler wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-10-12 at 22:49 -0700, Scott Howard wrote:
>> On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 10:19 PM, ComKal Networks 
>> <admin at comkal.com.au <mailto:admin at comkal.com.au>> wrote: 
>>     No, there is NO requirement to pay the/a "donation/fine" to a
>>     particular charity anymore, and this information if not already
>>     updated probably will be soon. The 'required' donation had
>>     a few depends attached to it, is was not, and never had been
>>     always required. 
>> From http://www.sorbs.net/overview.shtml :
>> /"The affected IPs (the ones used to send the spam) will only be 
>> de-listed when US$50 is donated to a SORBS nominated charity or good 
>> cause. The charities and good causes SORBS approves will not have any 
>> connection with any member of the SORBS administrators, either past 
>> or present."/
>> "only" is a fairly strong word, which imples 'required' if you ask me.
>> It sounds like you're claiming that this is outdated, but the simple 
>> fact is that it's what the websites states is fact, so how are we 
>> expected to believe otherwise?
> It has stated this since the dawn of time, well, ok, SORBS time, but 
> it has never been mandatory, the last time I had dealings with SORBS 
> was, well, first in 2002 (happy to delist us once we are sure the 
> dirty user was cleaned up, done and delisted within hours, and back in 
> 2005/06, over a few weeks my employer at the time was blocked because 
> of some windows dweebs who got a nasty infection, delisted, - relisted 
> a few days later, had a call from Michelle, got SORBS login, dealt 
> with moronic users, delisted.. nothing since and at no time, despite 
> the web page, have any of my above mentioned employers-at-the-time, 
> paid SORBS a cent, there was no "demand",  I suspect the web site is a 
> scare tactic, and it certainly worked with all the FUD going around 
> over the years.
It was there to give us an option to refuse someone if we thought they 
were not playing the game (either they are a spammer, or don't care as 
long as they got delisted).  We never advertised the fact because 
everyone would be demanding 'free delisting'.


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