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Paul Brooks pbrooks-ausnog at layer10.com.au
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  On 12/10/2010 8:18 PM, Richard Pruss wrote:
> Someone gave a lightning talk and made the, for me, welcome claim that network over power
> has finally reach maturity and is good for use in homes and that there were working products
> on the Ausie market.  Can someone point me at who gave the talk, I am keen to track the product
> down and make my video delivery to the deck a little less prone to disruption by bad network weather.
> I looked at the Ausnog web site but the lighting talks are not listed.
> - Ric
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'Twas me Richard.

The G.HN gear is not out yet - probably another 12 months away - but the 200Mbps 
Homeplug AV gear has been out there for quite a while now.
I like the Netcomm units ( http://www.netcomm.com.au/products/powerline esp the 
NP202WN with twin ethernet and 300Mbps 802.11n wireless built in!) but cheaper units 
from other manufacturers are on online stores - search staticice or your favourite 
webstore  for 'Homeplug AV' or 'powerline AV' and you'll turn them up - the TP-link 
units seem to be cheapest, I haven't tried them at all so don't know what they are 
like - note from the TP-link website 
<http://www.tp-link.com/products/productList.asp?class=pl>you will want to make sure 
you get the newer 'mini powerline' kits, not the old models!

On real G.HN availabilty, this infomercial 
<http://www.targetwire.com/iba/2010/01/12/ds2061as/ds2061as_uk.html> from January 
talks about quantity shipments in Q42010 (ie now-ish), this one 
talks about shipping devices/chipsets in March 2010.
Searching for 'Gigle' turns up this partnership 
<http://gigaom.com/2009/06/22/gigle-comes-out-of-stealth-with-gigabit-home-networking/> with 
Belkin and then this unit 
<http://www.skycomp.com.au/item/BELKIN-F5D4078AU-Gigabit-Powerline-HD-Starter-Kit.aspx> which 
claims Gigabit speeds - but doesn't mention G.HN/9961.

So...yes, _something_ that tries to do Gigabit over mains power wiring is available on 
an Australian website  (but the availability says 'Call/Ask Us', so perhaps not :-)

Please let me/us know how you get on, and whether it fixes your video delivery issue.


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