[AusNOG] Consumer HD Teleconferencing

Andrew Fort afort at choqolat.org
Thu Oct 7 12:44:56 EST 2010

On Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 12:13 PM, David Connors <david at codify.com> wrote:
> On 7 October 2010 10:36, Andrew Fort <afort at choqolat.org> wrote:
>> Still, Telstra didn't seem to mind doing the deal so that they could
>> get their mitts on spectrum for LTE and beyond, and given the bogan's
> Wasn't the deal just that they would be permitted to participate in the
> auctions?

Sure. Add "potentially" prior to "get their mitts" and it's easier to follow me.

>> love of the iPhone, there's some things we can reliably predict. (I
>> have been lobbying ThingsBogansLike to do a "The i-Phone" piece for
>> some time, but since their writers probably all own one, maybe they're
>> embarassed, or just keeping it for their book?)
> Don't you think you're being a bit prejudicial as to what constitutes a
> valid use of the Internet?


Sigh.  No, I don't.  You presented a view of an independent
business-owner, using effective scheduling and sharing tech and make a
flying leap to me calling them a bogan.  To be painfully clear, my
view is that whether one is a bogan or not has nothing to do with your

If you're perhaps referring to the recent TBL about "tradies", this
actually focuses on a bogan's wife, who calls a tradie when the
plumbing fails.  The tradie is described as not being a handsome stud,
and also not as a bogan.  The bogan is more pervasive than many of us
would admit; it's a mystery, wrapped in a cherub, wrapped in an
enigma.  There's a little bit of that in lots of us (myself included).
 For example:

Going to Bali (for example), then bitching about how terrible your $79
flight on the bogan bus was on Facebook and more to the point, getting
incensed about how you had to wait to get back to Australia before
your iPhone would let you post that, before remembering to post how
lovely the people from the "great nation of Bali" are as opposed to
those awful boat people....

> I would expect the majority use case for the Internet in the future to be
> wireless and mobile. Telstra probably understands that pretty well.


> It would be interesting to check back in five years and see how many 720p
> video calls are placed via the umi/GoogleTV/Playstation4/whatever on NBN vs
> Facetime on iPhone 5/6/7 over LTE.

Exactly.  My bet is that it's the latter, no matter what the phone, or
whether the person is a tradie, a software engineer, and whether or
not they're a bogan.

Bogans buy lots of iPhones because Australia has a lot of bogans.
That's all.  Nothing to see here.... ;)


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