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"The federal government has confirmed that circumventing the proposed internet filter could constitute a
criminal offence, and said it has not received any evidence suggesting the policy will lead to an increase in
encrypted internet traffic."

Maybe I'm just getting old-n-senile but I'd swear that previously we had been *very clearly* told that circumventing the filter would *not* be a crime.

- as an ISP failing to implement the filter is a criminal offence.
- as a customer circumventing the filter is a criminal offence
- giving advice on how to perform criminal acts is (I'd assume) a criminal offence
- so teaching people about ways to circumvent the filter is a criminal offence

I'd say that someone's been watching too many Simpsons episodes. 


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> wow!
> "And it confirmed that most Australians roaming overseas would be filtered because in the end, their connections would go though a network in Australia."
> so glad I live in Australia, latency must suck OS


So is this just bad journalism or is Conroy's mental illness contagious?

Choice 1: route all my internet traffic via the corporate VPN from a
(for example) Verizon USB modem on the East Coast of the US and be
subject to Conroy's wishes.  Three weeks later, after my ACK to that
SYN+ACK, I'll have plenty of time to consider my next keystroke.

Choice 2: route only the 1918 prefixes via the VPN.

Move along.  Nothing to see here (apparently).

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