[AusNOG] Route filter update management advice.

Tom Wright TWright at internode.com.au
Wed May 26 18:16:36 EST 2010

On 26/05/2010, at 12:49 PM, David Hughes wrote:

The old  IRR Toolset ( irrtoolset.isc.org<http://irrtoolset.isc.org>) has been horrible to work with over the years but is getting better.  If it wasn't written in c++ I'd be helping maintain and enhance it.  Shame about the choice of language really.  But, it's getting more portable and reliable so it's a good starting point.

It's a pity the whole project has seemingly fallen in a heap.


I'd be contributing, too, if my c++ was up to scratch...

As Matthew mentioned, this is a hugely enabling tool for us.

I'll make a jovial nod toward http://search.cpan.org/~lmc/RPSL-Parser-0.039001/lib/RPSL/Parser.pm
... and sleep on the idea...


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