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Daniel Hooper dhooper at emerge.net.au
Fri May 14 14:27:36 EST 2010

Thanks for all the replies, I was incorrect in my original post, it's not a VPLS circuit but EoSDH.

I'm not sure if that makes it harder or easier for the un-named carrier, but at this point I don't understand enough of the inner workings of un-named carriers network and am guessing it's a technical limitation for them to be able to offer the service at this time in the fashion that I want to use it in.

In regards to the fact that we may be connecting to the same switch/device on the upstream, this is outside our control and if it fails our SLA agreement with the carrier will cover us financially, if our own kit fails we lose coin out of our own pocket. Unfortunately this is purely a financial based decision to do this, personally I'd have uplinks between different carriers but at the moment the cheque book doesn't allow for this.



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I find it interesting Nextgen will offer this for 'Internet' services, but no mention of it being available for P-t-P: http://www.nextgennetworks.com.au/7629%20Nextgen%20Shadow%20DataSheet%20D11-2.pdf

It addresses Matthew's concern of using both ports simultaneously with the following clause:
"Low usage levels are allowed on the shadow link in support of routine keep-alive and reasonable link availability testing. Any traffic profile where the 98th percentile utilisation of both the upstream and downstream directions is at or below 100kb/s will not incur excess usage charges."

Dan: perhaps ask nicely to see if they'll do something like this for you?


On 14/05/2010, at 11:07 AM, Matthew Moyle-Croft wrote:

It's probably more a commercial issue:

(a) Duplicating ports on the same switch on your provider's end doesn't really provide much protection
(b) It's hard to deliver this without giving you "free" bandwidth (ie.  how do you prevent you bursting on both ports simultaneously?)

I don't see mitigating a switch failure at your end is that useful unless you've actually built redundancy elsewhere.   If you think a switch failure at your end is more likely than anything else then I'd probably choose a different switch/vendor!


On 14/05/2010, at 12:31 PM, Daniel Hooper wrote:


I'm trying to find out if there are any carriers out there who provide 2 ports at each end for a point to point Ethernet circuit? (VPLS)

I'm trying to build some redundancy into a network, I've asked our carrier if they can provide 2 ports at each end  to mitigate a switch failure on our end and they've essentially said no, buy another service identical to what you've already got if you want to do that. I don't need anymore bandwidth, just separate physical interfaces to run on.

Speaking to other people in the industry, it seems the norm for carriers to provide the service over 2 physical ports if requested (obviously for a price). I'm curious if other people have been able to get this configuration on PTP Ethernet circuits ?

Just chasing info at the moment, possibly I need to jump ship to get what I want, or maybe I'm just dreaming and it's a technical reason why it cant be done.



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