[AusNOG] Macquarie Telecom IP filter?

Kevin Karp ausnog at pps.com.au
Wed Jul 21 16:55:14 EST 2010

Hi Jon

Would this have anything to do with the DoS attacks that MT alleged were 
coming from UQ in the 2005 time frame?

I remember there being several outages that affected one of our clients 
that MT claimed were caused by these (alleged) attacks but we were never 
shown any evidence.

Is there a chance that your blackholed IP has been in this state for 5 
years and it's only just been noticed now?

I have some contact names from 2005 but I'm not sure if there current at 
all. Happy to provide off-list if you think that they are.

Best Regards

Kevin Karp
PPS Internet
Phone: +61 2 9281 3905
Email: kjkarp at pps.com.au
Web: http://www.pps.com.au

>Hi all,

>I was hoping someone could help me contact someone in Macquarie
Telecom’s hosting section in regards to one of my IP’s being blackholed 
from Macquarie hosted web sites.

>I haven’t had much luck with their www site and the whois contact info.


>Jonanthan Bridgstock
>Network Engineer
>Network Operations Group – ITS
>University of Queensland
>Ph 07 334 66929
>email:j.bridgstock at its.uq.edu.au_

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