[AusNOG] Lundy vs Conroy on the filter

Darren Moss Darren.Moss at em3.com.au
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That is interesting.

Now, we just need a list of the 18.5 million Australians who will be
opting out ;) 

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Interesting development.


I have to say, it's closer to Labor's electrion promise of an "Opt Out"
filter.  But it's still off the mark.  As for numerous router/DNS filter
levels *shiver*.

This Government deliberately removed the "free" filter program from the
previous government which allowed parents to individually establish the
appropriate filter regime for their household and computer there-in on
an individual basis.  So for all their proclamations that they want to
protect kids and families, they have achieved the exact opposite
outcome.  Furthermore, there is no [real/substantial] educational drive
for parents of online 'nasties' such as bullying and privacy/security as
well as filtering.

Hats off to Sen Lundy.  I always thought she actually understood the
industry and showed an open mind to matters.  I remember her attending
the Comindico Forum years ago at Macquarie Street and listened to her
speak and walking away thinking one day this industry could do much
worse then having her as 'our' Minister one day...


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