[AusNOG] reminder on submissions to NBN Co, Comms Alliance and DBCDE....

Narelle narellec at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 15:04:02 EST 2010

I promise I will make a comment on addressing or technical reasons for
my favourite kit soon, but in the light of all the politics that has
gone on lately, it seems timely to remind folks that a few submissions
are due this week...

Responses to the government's filtering paper: see
due 12 Feb

NBN Co's product paper: see
due 12 Feb

Comms Alliance's End User Premises Handbook: see
due 12 Feb

ISOC-AU is intending to submit to all three, but if anyone would like
to further inform our submission, please send me email either here or
at the address below.

Vague, ill formed thoughts are welcome. Well argued, intelligent
commentary would be appreciated, and even potentially cited.

All the best


vice-president at isoc-au.org.au

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