[AusNOG] ISOC-AU Applauds the iiNet Judgement

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Thu Feb 4 12:15:06 EST 2010

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ISOC-AU applauds today’s decision of the Australian Federal Court in
the case of Roadshow Films Pty Limited v iiNET Limited.  The Court
found that iiNet, by failing to take any steps to stop infringing
conduct, did not ‘authorise’ copyright infringement by certain iiNet
users.. iiNet did not sanction, approve or countenance copyright
infringement; they did no more than provide an Internet service to
their customers.

ISOC-AU believes the Internet is for everyone.  ‘The Internet is an
essential part of how Australians live, work and play‘, said Narelle
Clark, Vice President of the Internet Society of Australia (ISOC-AU)
‘and the Court has confirmed that ISPs are not required to be the
gatekeepers of Internet use‘.

ISOC-AU also welcomes the finding of the Court that, because iiNet did
have a repeat infringer policy, they would have been entitled to the
protection offered by the ‘safe harbour’ provisions of the copyright

ISOC-AU recognises that people should be rewarded for their creative
endeavours and that other models may need to be used or developed to
reward content creation and distribution. We also support the right of
all to due process under law, particularly to ensure that Internet
users are not arbitrarily cut off from Internet access.

Media contact:
Tony Hill
President, ISOC-AU
0412 128 755

President at isoc-au.org.au

Narelle Clark
Vice President, ISOC-AU
0412 297 043

Vice-President at isoc-au.org.au
4 February 2010

The Internet Is For Everyone

Full text of the judgement can be found at:


Narelle Clark
Vice President

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