[AusNOG] Fw: Youtube-over-IPv6

Harrison Conlin me at harrisony.com
Tue Feb 2 17:59:37 EST 2010

On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 5:40 PM, Steve Lisson
<SteveL at dedicatedservers.net.au> wrote:
> Hi,
> Its not actually www.youtube.com that they have IPv6 enabled, it's the
> images and video content served from the site. (might check
> v21.lscache1.l.google.com but can not confirm as do not have our network
> enabled for IPv6 with Google (not enough customers using it yet).
> Steve

harrisony at lithium:~$ host www.google.com
www.google.com is an alias for www.l.google.com.
www.l.google.com has address
www.l.google.com has address
www.l.google.com has IPv6 address 2001:4860:c004::68
harrisony at lithium:~$ host www.youtube.com
www.youtube.com is an alias for youtube-ui.l.google.com.
youtube-ui.l.google.com has address
youtube-ui.l.google.com has address
harrisony at lithium:~$ host v2.lscache1.l.google.com
v2.lscache1.l.google.com has address
v2.lscache1.l.google.com has IPv6 address 2001:4860:4001:402::13
harrisony at lithium:~$

Harrison Conlin

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