[AusNOG] [ISOC-AU-mems] Quigley announces architectural "stake in the ground"

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Hi folks


Our issues at ATUG - not sure of our position yet!!! And grateful for
any input.....


*	How do we ensure we provide opportunities for competitive choice
for customers with big, national branch networks including low density
areas - think Woolworths, ANZ, Coles, Commonwealth bank?


*	How do we provide "White Label" opportunities such as we see in
UK - Sainsbury/Tesco - here could be Woolworths, Elders, Office


*	How do we provide a suitable access service for local ISPs to
service communities in low density areas?


*	How could specialist providers of content service s- eg Health,
Education, Universities, perhaps banking, media services operate in this


*	How do make sure the problems of dominance that we are just
about to fix don't re-emerge at a different level in the architecture?








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Narelle wrote: 



hot of the press...

Quigley offers ISPs a rough sketch of NBN architecture

NBN Co has developed a rough architecture for the build-out of the
National Broadband Network in an attempt to keep ISPs and carriers in
the loop as to how their services will intersect with it.



It looks like a layer 2 GPON network with ethernet backhaul over
classical transmission gear, presenting to service providers from
centralised locations. Each premises will have an ONT with multiple
ports so there can be physical separation of services. He says this is
merely a "stake in the ground" and will consult with ISPs.


Thoughts anyone?

Its broadly what we've been putting together as the initial work in the
Comms Alliance workgroups - work in progress
https://commswiki.dgit.biz/index.php/Main_Page. I think it was a diagram
from this work that Quigley put up in the Brisbane briefing yesterday.

TR-144 (http://www.broadband-forum.org/technical/download/TR-144.pdf) is
a fairly heavily leaned upon precedent. There will be a first-run
architectural reference model released for broader comment in a few
weeks I believe.

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