[AusNOG] Possible DDoS attack against .au governmental sites-~65minutes from now.

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its all over the news - 

THE Prime Minister's website has been hacked into in protest over proposed reforms of internet censorship.

The website, www.pm.gov.au, was brought down at about 7.20pm (AEST) along with that of the Australian Communications and Media Authority, but both were back online about an hour later.

A message posted on the Inquisitor website by the hacker, known as Anonymous, stated that the action was in response to a Federal Government proposal to introduce mandatory internet filtering.

The posting complains that the proposal to introduce internet filtering would block legal content, and take censorship to levels like that seen in China.

"Not only will your rights be at stake, our Internet speeds will slow down by 70 per cent, be mandatory for all Aussies and will not protect us from evil AT ALL", the post said.
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The posting, titled "Anonymous vs the Australian Government", also gives a blow-by-blow account of the hacker's progress.

"In two minutes from when I type this, Anonymous is declaring war on the Australian Government over its decision to implement Draconian internet censorship," the post said.

"Tick tick tick.

"Update: 7pm: and so it begins.

"7:05pm (AEST), Ministers page is slow to load, but still up.

"7:11pm weve confirmed on site (via a source) that the sites due to be attacked have been taken down from the coordination page, possibly before the raid.

"7:18pm pm.gov.au DOWN!

"7:21pm Kevin Rudd's page is down completely. Strike one to Anonymous."

A spokesman for Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said he had received reports of the hack but could not confirm whether the attack had been successful.

However, he said the people responsible were misguided, adding that the proposed filter would only be used to block illegal content.

"The campaign that they're mounting is erroneous and misinformed," he said.

"What the Government is proposing is to filter refused classification content which includes imagery of child sexual abuse, rape and bestiality."

The Government has been conducting an internet filter trial which is expected to be completed soon.

A report will then be presented to Senator Conroy from which an internet filter policy will be developed. 

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To save you from visiting the terrible website that apparently contains the 
target addresses you can view this list taken from the site:

"DNS servers: dns3.sge.net, dns2.sge.net, dns.sge.net"

"There are many different sites hosted by the same hosting company that is 
providing internetz for our target:
Some DNS Enumeration / Ports Found admin.australia.gov.au dev.australia.gov.au login.australia.gov.au / 80 HTTP, 443 HTTPS mail2.australia.gov.au maps.australia.gov.au / 80 HTTP search.australia.gov.au services.australia.gov.au staging.australia.gov.au test.australia.gov.au www.australia.gov.au / 80 HTTP
media.australia.gov.au alias govsearch-failover.funnelback.com
govsearch-failover.funnelback.com address"



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> Thanks for the heads up.
> Time to sit back and wait for the mrtg graphs tell the story :)
> [b]
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>> There were some rumblings last week that a DDoS attack
>> against .au governmental sites might take place today in
>> order to protest the
>> Internet filtering plans being posited by the present .au
>> government.
>> I didn't take it very seriously at the time, because no one
>> seemed to have any specifics.
>> This has now changed; it's apparently Anonymous who're
>> supposedly going to do this in about 70 minutes, and they've
>> a considerable track record of mischief, sort of a '4chan
>> Lite'.  I've no idea whether the attacks will actually take
>> place, but heightened vigilance is a good idea, especially as
>> outbound DDoS from botted hosts can be just as disruptive to
>> the networks in question as inbound DDoS.
>> SANS posted something on it here:
>> <http://isc.sans.org/diary.html?storyid=7108>
>> There's an extremely NSFW wiki page being used to coordinate the
>> putative attacks, along with an IRC server/channel.   I'm not
>> going to
>> link to them here, but some digging with various search
>> engines can find them with relative ease.
>> Again, I've no idea whether or not this will actually happen,
>> just a heads-up.
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