[AusNOG] Reference clock for SDH network

Trent Lloyd lathiat at bur.st
Tue Oct 27 15:24:48 EST 2009

Service stations are the best.

55L of Petrol @ $1.22/L, check.
0.5L of Water @ $6/L, check.

Which one do you suspect took the larger amount of effort and  
resources to produce!


On 27/10/2009, at 11:55 AM, Bevan Slattery wrote:

> I'm guessing about the same way a 1 cent plastic bottle and tap  
> water sells for $3.50 at your local service station/cafe etc.
> [b]
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>> Hi All,
>> Can anyone suggest a clock that is able to produce a 2mbit/2mhz sync
>> signal to use as a reference for an SDH network?
>> The network is detatched from any existing SDH networks, so I have to
>> clock it from scratch.
>> So far I have only come across one that is around the $3k mark
>> (Oscilloquartz), and my googlefu is failing me at the moment.
> I'm obviously missing something here, but how on earth can a  
> crystal, a couple of caps and resistors, and maybe a transistor or  
> two or an IC work out to the $3k mark??
> I'm assuming you're actually looking for something more complex than  
> a simple 2mhz clock signal??
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