[AusNOG] CCC and Terria "rage against coalition"

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I have to completely agree.  There are many holes in the legislation and
logic.  I think with the appropriate time/consulting/feedback this could
be very worthwhile.  But there are some extraordinary inconsistencies
with the legislation, public comment by politicians and industry types.
In a doorstop interview today Sen Conroy said:
"Let's be clear. It's unfortunate that Senator Minchin is struggling to
understand the difference between a broadband service and a phone line.
No-one has suggested that the copper lines in the 10 per cent are
suddenly going to vanish or that they're going to be cut off or that
they're going to be pulled out, which is exactly what Nick Minchin's
I am confused.  So when Telstra are forced to split under the current
legislation and handover it's network to NBN Co (or whoever) who is
actually responsible for maintaining those exchanges and it's associated
copper.  I thought Telstra were not going to operate a fixed line
service under the separation model?
Anyone?  Foreman from the CCC?

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I'm intrigued by this idea that you can one hand legislate to compel
Telstra to divest any ownership ties to a fixed network and become a
pure retailer but on the other hand - in the same bill - you can
legislate even greater requirements than today for Telstra to be
responsible for fixed network delivery in the bush via the USO.
Seems to me like a fairly irreconcilable twin set of obligations to me.
The government line is that it will all be figured out down the track
which I guess is fair enough - if you're also prepared to relax the
apparently urgent deadline for the legislation itself and the
requirement for Telstra to commit to the terms of its separation before
it knows the terms of its obligations in terms of USO and so forth.
Somebody in the Department has made a mess of this one.

2009/10/21 Bevan Slattery <Bevan.Slattery at staff.pipenetworks.com>

	Bit over the top??  I'd like to see the legislation look at
solving the
	real/future problems such as reduce the negotiate/arbitrate
process for
	regulated (rather than only declared as proposed in the
	bottleneck infrastructure such as duct access (NBN) and towers
	rather than mainly focus on the copper world.
	I'm trying to think why the violent reaction from CCC and
TERRIA?  Is it
	no longer 'cool' to ask questions?
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