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And maintenance is their problem if you rent a dedicated server. If
you've ever tried calling in support on a box in another country and
getting a DC escort you'll know the value in a "hey guys, need a disk
replaced please" email option to your provider vs. a week of stuffing
around getting IBM/HP/Dell access to your server.

My preferred option is duplicating across two cheap boxes at different
providers/DCs, depends on your app of course but it's a bit cheaper/more
reliable than one big server. Horses for courses of course.

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i found this after looking for two seconds on webhostingtalk.com

if you spend a bit of time on there you'll find something.

     * Quad-Core Xeon X3220 2.4 GHz, 8MB L2 Cache
     * 6 GB Ram
     * 500 GB Sata hdd (RAID1 + $35/mo)
     * 3000 GB monthly bandwidth (unmetered available)
     * 6 ips
     * Buy Now- $149/mo, $0/setup

On 12/06/2009, at 12:51 PM, Paul Raj Khangure wrote:

> Thanks for everyone's responses so far.
> To elaborate a little, the community organisation is a global one, not

> just Australian - hence the requirement to host in the US. West Coast 
> will be useful for Australia, but the web app won't be latency 
> sensitive, so anywhere in the US is going to be fine.
> I've had quite a few suggestions to look at a VPS system or rent 
> servers. The organisation is not interested in sharing slices or 
> virtual hosting, and specifically wants to administer their own 
> dedicated servers.
> Rental is an option, but I've not found anything competitive yet - 
> they're looking at 2 x quad core CPUs, 2 x SAS HDDs (RAID 1) & 8GB of 
> RAM per server, and can buy this in the US for about $4k - $4.5k each.
> That's about $140US / month each over 3 years for the hardware. Add in

> $100 / RU for colo (seems to be about the standard rate?) and we're 
> looking at $240 US per server, plus any excess bandwidth if it's not 
> included in the colo costs.
> The rental options I've seen so far, are about $300 US per server at a

> minimum, often more - hence why we'd previously not considered it as 
> viable. Happy to revisit if there are specific recommendations for 
> facilities which are cost effective.
> prk
> 2009/6/12 David Hughes <David at hughes.com.au>:
>> Hey prk,
>> If you are happy using someone else's servers rather than shipping 
>> your own then I've had a good long-term experience with A-Plus 
>> (www.aplus.net ).  Their server pricing makes using your own look 
>> like a bad option unless you have very specific requirements.
>> David
>> ...
>> On 12/06/2009, at 11:11 AM, Paul Raj Khangure wrote:
>>> Morning all,
>>> Apologies if slightly off topic, but I figure several of you may 
>>> have experience with US Colo facilities.
>>> A community organisation I'm helping out is looking to host a couple

>>> of 1RU servers in the US, and looking for decent Colo facilities.
>>> By decent, their priorities are:
>>> * Reasonable per RU costs.
>>> * Reasonable bandwidth costs, prob about 2MBps, prefer flat cost 
>>> rather than excess charges.
>>> * Ability for each server to have 2 uplinks, one for LOM, one for 
>>> bandwidth. Reasonable costs if excess charges apply.
>>> * Reasonable power allocations if they meter per Amp (each server 
>>> will prob be about 2.5A at 120V AC).
>>> * Reasonable remote hands skills and costs, when required.
>>> Is there anything else I should be considering when evaluating data 
>>> centres & colo costs for them?
>>> prk.
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