[AusNOG] Google launches alternative DNS resolver

Bevan Slattery Bevan.Slattery at staff.pipenetworks.com
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Based on the article I don't particularly think it's a great idea.  It's
more about snarfing user data than improving the internet.  Then if
enough users use it, we will find ourselves with Gdomains Google's own
domain system.  This is marketing spin suggesting there is a major
problem where there isn't one, all in the endeavour to convince people
to unwittingly provide more of their metadata for profiling/advertising.
If it were for the interests of the 'internet' then why store user data
at all?


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I think it's a great idea if you're North America centric.

But, it'll add 150ms or more to most customers and it'll hurt the
locality based services already in Australia.   So, performance in
Australia will suck.  eg.  Akamai becomes 300ms+ vs 25-50ms depending on
where you are.  Think how much traffic that means bringing in from O/S?

I think this is part of the war for access to customers.   Australia and
other outliers are going to be the casualties in this war going on in
North America.   


McDonald Richards wrote: 

	Interesting. I wonder how this will impact content and caching
engines that direct you based on the location - both logical and
geographically -  of the name-server you used to query them!





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