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If it's only for YOUR access, get a single port IP/KVM and hook an 8 port non-ip kvm up to it, and use key combo codes to flick between boxes 1 to 8.

I don't have any recommendations for multi-access multi-server kvm/ip boxes though, they tend to be 600$ to 1000$ per port. I'm keen to hear if anyone has any cheaper ones available though.

Even though i'd love to fully kvm-over-ip everything, I just can't justify spending 600$ per server when I can just as easily walk into server room and work on them :) I understand if its remote, but not when i have them near me.


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Hi there

I'm looking to implement a IP-KVM solution. Has anyone got any recommendations / feedback? Needs to support about 8 servers and fairly cost effective. I've had a look at the Raritan and also the Avocent range and the Raritan Dominion KXII seems to be best out in the market at the moment.

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