[AusNOG] James is still a nice guy - For APNIC EC - any comments?

Skeeve Stevens skeeve at skeeve.org
Wed Jul 30 21:56:33 EST 2008

I wrote this in my original email which perhaps should have been sent

Re James going for a position on the Board or EC of APNIC, I can't think
many people more appropriate or respected in this industry with his
experience that I would heartily support.
Given Bambi's failed attempt to get on the E.C, primarily because of lack of
organisations for proxy votes (I too was slack), I think we can put a much
more serious effort in at AUSNOG.  So what I am proposing is that at AUSNOG
we have the proxy forms available for any of you to sign who aren't a)
expressing their vote directly b) want to help the Australian internet
I've spoken to the guys at APNIC on a number of occasions who are
disappointed with the lack of Australian representation on the E.C, and
overall general disappoint in the amount of people involved in policies and
so on.  I am thinking that it would be good for our industry to form an
APNIC Consultative Group with perhaps half a dozen people who are willing to
meet every now and then and come up with policy changes/proposals.  At the
moment, most of the other member economies use their national NIC for this
purpose, but since AUNIC doesn't exist anymore, that we could have our input
via another mechanism.. Thoughts?
Just wondering if anyone is thinking this is a good/bad/etc idea?  I didn't
see any pledges or people who aren't going to either be at the election next
year, or not bothering to exercise their votes - in which why not help an
aussie get on board?
I guess I am trying to support more .au involvement in APNIC and would like
to see some support for James running for the position or not. but hopefully
not just apathy :-(

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