[AusNOG] The Elephant in the Room

Phillip Grasso phillip.grasso at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 20:08:37 EST 2007

Piece of late feedback;

>8. To ensure that any FttN monopolist does the 'right thing' will
>government make it a "Condition Precedent" that any FttN monopolist must
>first provide FttN services to all of the portion of 98% of Australia
>not currently being serviced by competitive carrier ADSL/HFC
>infrastructure BEFORE they get access to the areas which have? Surely
>you must agree those who are currently living without need to be
>serviced before those who have?

I question the use of the word "all", it may not even be remotely
commercially feasible to operate FttN connecting remote communities
and those outside of the 98% percent of the population densities. I
surely wouldn't want to pay an additional *30% help pay to service the
2% population that live way outside.

*30% was just a pure guess!

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