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Thanks Bevan,  you are absolutely on the mark, the problem we have is that 
we need to get this message delivered to the public in a manner that they 
can understand

Does anyone on the list have any contacts in the media that can try and put 
this message over to the public. ?

It is a shame all we see on current afffairs programs, is all the 
sensational rubbish and all the latest quick fixes for loosing Kgs

Is there any way we can put this message into something that the general 
public would understand.   It is fine on the list and I guess everyone on 
the list would understand it inside out.  The problem is we need to put it 
into such a form that the public can understand it.

I actually invited Stephen conroy and some other senators to come to where I 
am so that I could not only explain some of technologies for them but show 
them the different tecnologies in operation including,,   a 5.8 Ghz Wimax 
deployment (which I could demonstrate will not do what Opel are claiming, 
DSL technologies,  and fibre to the home in a rural deployment.  The purpose 
of explaining the difference between fibre to the node and fibre to the home 
was so that they could see the folly of all the political annnouncements 
regarding fibre to the node in rural areas.  It is a bit expensive to 
install a node for 3 to 5 customers and it won't happen.    I didn't get a 
reply from conroy and the other 2 were to busy.  Busy speaking bullshit 
about how they had fixed broadband to the bush.

The only way we as an industry are going to get any traction here is to get 
the media onside and apply media presure.  The pollies dont care,  they just 
want to get votes.

I suggested to some pollies that in order to get action on addressing the 
communications infrastructure and competition issues in Australia that the 
government needs to meet with all the carriers in the industry in the same 
fashion as Radcomms which the ACMA now does.  They need to put to the 
industry where they want to get to and seek open and frank discussion in an 
open forum of carriers, where all the issues could be put on the table and 
debated.  They then need to determine what they want and let the industry 
provide what they can commercially and subsidise deployments in other areas 
to achieve Australia wide parity.  What I should have said was that they 
need to sideline the DCITA incompetent clowns in the process.  I make this 
statement in regards to the way a consulantcy contract was tendered this 
year to develop guidelines for the deployment of communications in 
greenfield estates.  The consultancy was let and the consulant didn't 
contact all the carriers to find out what the carriers thought, nor did they 
contact all the local government councils. I would have thought that the 
carriers and the councils would have been regarded as the major 
stakeholders.  For a consultant to not involve the major stakeholders leaves 
questions to be answered.  Unfortuneately this folly is repeated time and 
time again.



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A report from Layer 10 confirming same.


I actually noticed later Simon/Internode actually dealt with this in a
thread on WP some months earlier.



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My opinion piece on FttN due to be published in Commsday tonight.  I
would like to invite peoples opinions.



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