[AusNOG] Group WiFi

John Lindsay jlindsay at internode.com.au
Thu Nov 1 14:19:22 EST 2007

My personal favourite is the Apple Airport.

The current model Airport Extreme can connect to a dumb DSL modem,  
cable modem or wireless broadband service and launch a PPPoE  
connection or do routed IP.  (Ignore the old Extreme which has a  
modem.  It's still does nice stuff but it's obsolete.)

Supports "a,b,g and n" in both 2.4 and 5.8 GHz.

Also has 3 downstream Ethernet ports.

All the usual NAT stuff is supported and it does IPv6 for added value.

Apple state it's good for up to 50 users.

The Airport Express is a "wall wart" form factor box about the size of  
a large packet of smokes.  It does "b and g" in 2.4 GHz.  It has an  
Ethernet port which can connect back to a hub or be used with a  
broadband service including launching a PPPoE connection.

You can build wireless repeater networks with this hardware very  
easily using the configuration software supplied by Apple.

For added value both models can drive a printer from their USB port.   
The Extreme can support a hard drive which turns it into a nice but  
quite slow NAS server.

Apple's online store says its good for up to 10 users.

I have never seen these user limits documented as hard limits in terms  
of associated clients or NAT sessions.  The tech specs for both  
products don't mention this limit.

John Lindsay - Carrier Relations Manager - Internode and Agile

On 31/10/2007, at 5:48 PM, Stephen Baxter wrote:

> Hey Guys,
> After some feedback here on doing wireless for a conference. What
> wireless access points work best together ? Is it just as simple as
> running some WRTG54 on the same SSID in the same space and they all  
> play
> happy together or are some products and how they are deployed better
> than others.

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